Police investigate after teenagers post TikTok claiming they found a dead body in a suitcase washed up on Seattle beach

Teens on Tiktok have been in the news a lot lately.

They were credited with keeping attendance numbers low at a Trump rally on Saturday, and now a group of teenagers may have stumbled across the remains of a human body on a walk.

This group of friends based in Seattle say that they were using the Randonautica app, which gives you random coordinates to explore the city you live in, over the weekend.

The app took them to nearby Alki beach, where they noticed a black suitcase that was washed up on some rocks.

They posted a video to TikTok where two of the girls in the group opened the suitcase – the caption said that the “smell was overwhelming” – with a black plastic bag inside.

They were worried about the smell, so they called the police, who turned up three hours later.

The police department later confirmed that black bags of human remains had been identified around the area where the teens from TikTok had first reported the suitcase.

A press release from the Seattle Police Department did not explicitly link the finding made by the group of friends to the bag of human remains, but as theDaily Dot points out, the location, timing and reason why police were called in the first place seem to fit.

The videos seem to have racked up over 3 million views on TikTok, where they were first posted. People in the comments on the TikTok video pointed out that it was weird the Randonautica app led them to the location in the first place.

This kind of video has previously gotten other people in trouble before – Logan Paul, a prominent YouTuber, faced a lot of criticism for a video he posted from Japan, which seemed to show the body of an apparent suicide victim.

In that case, Paul and his friends were also caught making jokes, which isn't the case in this situation.

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