The fish finger who ran against Tim Farron says he’s the reason Lib Dem leader stood down

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Tim Farron resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat party following a tumultuous few months.

The politician was left defending himself when, after being asked if homosexuality was a sin, he said among other things “we are all sinners.”

Mr Farron later clarified to the BBC that he does not believe gay sex is a sin.

In the end though, he said he had become "torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader."

However, that's not the real reason Farron stepped down, according to Mr Fish Finger.

Yes, that sentence is real.

A Doncaster man called Paul Anthony Ellis, who changed his name to Mr Fish Finger, won (some) hearts and minds during the election, where he took over 300 votes from the former Lib Dem leader, while dressed as a fish finger.

He believes it was his efforts which prompted Farron to quit as Lib Dem leader.

No, seriously. This is the state of British politics right now.

People crowd funded £500 so Mr Fish Finger could stand, the Yorkshire Postreported, and although he finished last, with Farron sweeping 23,686 votes - he’s the one smiling now.

In a series of tweets, Mr Fish Finger claimed that standing against Mr Farron was a good decision.

Disclaimer: Mr Fish Finger is not the new leader of the Liberal Democrat party.

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