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A man who claims to be a time traveller says he is from the year 2030 and he has met himself from the year 2070. Yes, you read that correctly.

The two men – who both claim to be a man called Noah Novak – gave an interview interview together to prove their legitimacy.

In the video, Novak insists that the man sat next to him (also Noah Novak, so he says) provided information to him which lead him to believe that they are, in fact, the same person. We don’t know what that information is because it’s “classified” and won’t be revealed in case the government comes after them. Seems legit.

'2030 Noah' said:

He showed a bunch of personal information, he said a bunch of things about what I did, he said all the sequence of events and stuff since I came back from 2017.

He said everything that I did, and this is the type of stuff that someone would have to stalk me for my whole life to figure out.

Obviously it would be really hard for him to figure out all of this information. There’s no way that he could figure al this out unless he stalked me from the very beginning.

But do the Noahs have any predictions for the future? Apparently, Donald Trump is definitely going to be re-elected in 2020. Though given he’s currently bookies favourite, that’s hardly proof of anything. AI is also going to become the dominant form of technology, but people have been saying that for years. Apparently, life on Mars will be a reality soon. Bitcoin will also take over as the world’s main currency.

None of these predictions seem particularly wild, but he does claim the world will change drastically in years to come, saying:

The streets were completely void of any cars. There were no cars in the streets, the streets were one big sidewalk on which many people were walking.

I looked above and the cars were actually flying overhead. It looked almost crazy. There were so many in the air.

We look forward to seeing just how many of these predictions become reality. But as for Noah being a time traveller? We're not so sure.

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