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A woman whose non-Tinder match found her on Instagram has gone viral for being exactly the kind of creep people warn you about when you suggest joining a dating app.

Julia shared an Instagram direct message exchange between her and a man with the account name @yayipper (the account no longer exists).

He found her after she swiped left on his Tinder account, whereas he swiped right on hers - meaning he was hoping to match. Using three social media platforms, she shared her story on Twitter:

"i rejected a man today, who found me off tinder but we did not match [sic]," the woman begins.

This is how the conversation ended after i said 6 times i was not interested.

Then, she posted screenshots from the abhorrent messages he sent her.

After telling her she told him “no multiple times” he proceeds to call her names and disparage her.

A snapshot of his messages include phrases like:

I don’t take irrational things. It’s not the no, it’s the lack of rational that gets me. You have no reason to say no.

Instead of a real man, you’re going to choose some f**k boy child.

She asks him to leave her alone “please". He carries on and eventually she tells him she owes him nothing – not an explanation, not an apology… literally NOTHING.

She added: “My answer is not changing. You are forceful and creepy."

You’d think repeatedly saying no would get through to him…

Instead, he goes on to blame her for all the times “a guy has ever been mean hurtful or an asshole" to her.

He tells her she has “issues” and goes to ask her: “Why are you even alive?”

All because Julia dared to deny him.

Men and women online came to Julia's defence.

And one woman even shared her own experience with a creepster online.

Actual footage of this guy:

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