You can now buy Toblerone ice cream and it looks delicious


You know Toblerone. It's the triangular Swiss chocolate that your Dad eats at Christmas.

If you've tried it, you'll probably agree that is it rather delicious and addictive.

All that thick chunky chocolate with bits of honey, almond and nougat pieces nestled in between. Yum!

Even Alan Partridge was a fan.

Aside from coming in a variety of flavours and a cake, Toblerone has remained rather simple and unadventurous. Until now...

Introducing the Toblerone ice-cream, which definitely comes in a triangular shape. News of this miraculous invention has reached the public and people are going wild for it.

Toblerone ice cream sticks come with three per box and are already available in most supermarkets, and are priced around £3.

We know it's still a little bit cold outside. but what are you waiting for?

HT Unilad

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