Toby Young didn't want to hear anyone's lived experience of racism
Toby Young didn't want to hear anyone's lived experience of racism
Twitter/Channel 4

The internet’s favourite right-wing pundit Toby Young has found himself the object of internet ridicule yet again.

Channel 4 tweeted a video of actor David Harwood talking emotively about how the Brexit vote took him back to intolerance and racism.

He also mentioned that there has been a rise in hate crimes since the referendum – which Home Office figures confirmand that Brexit has “unleased a real ugliness” in the UK.

In a bizarre twist, Young quote-tweeted the post, and said it was "usual balls", trying to argue that in fact Britain has become less racist and more pro-immigration since the Brexit vote.

He tried to back up his claims using various data points, but most of them spanned the past few decades, suggesting it was being in the EU which led to less racist attitudes, not the decision to leave. He even admitted he "cannot find any data showing racism has declined since 2016".

After saying that Britain is "one of the best places to live in if you're not white", he requested people of colour do not send him their "personal anecdotes" because their "lived experience" was irrelevant to his so-called data.

People were quick to point out that figures did not back up his claims.

While others called him out for arguing against a black man's experience of racism despite being white and having no personal experience of the issue.

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