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In the last few days, Toby Young has gone from an outspoken journalist, writing things seemingly just to annoy people, to openly berating 16-year-old climate change activist on Twitter.

On Sunday, Young lashed out at the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, effectively calling her a 'phoney' and challenging someone to 'call her out'.

He received a torrent of criticism for this tweet but he wasn't done there and returned to the well on Wednesday, sharing an article from Guido Fawkes attempting to accuse Thunberg of being 'privileged' because her mother once sang in Eurovision.

Young, the son of a Lord, soon found himself on the receiving end of another downpour of comments, but food critic, Jay Rayner, who claims to have known Young since he was 19, accused the journalist of having a complete 'lack of self-awareness'.

Unsurprisingly, Young didn't take kindly to this put down and tried to come back with his own pithy take and added that if Rayner was being piled on upon Twitter he would come to his defence.

This prompted another journalist, Sarah Vine, to chime in and accuse Rayner of turning his back on journalists, like Young and Vine whom he knew in the past.

Rayner wasn't about to let this go completely ignored and came back with possibly the most brutal tweet that anyone has ever posted in the history of Twitter.

Young and Vine are going to need some serious burn treatment after that scorching tweet but whilst they suffer the consequences, the rest of Twitter are revelling in Rayner's savagery.

Toby tried to make a comment in reply but the damage had been done.

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