Tomi Lahren is no stranger to controversy and being mocked by her critics online.

The outspoken right-wing political commentator has previously offered terrible takes on the Syrian refugee crisis and once called refugees "rapeugees."

The Fox News contributor is emblematic of the right-wing movement in America so it should come as no surprise that she opposes kids protesting against gun violence.

In February, just a day after the Parkland High School shooting, she asked the Left to let families grieve before pushing an anti-gun agenda.

Over the weekend, she returned to the subject of gun ownership and specifically chose to go after the thousands of people who took part in the March For Our Lives rally across the US on Saturday.

While the nationwide event was going on she posted the following tweet, clearly misunderstanding the purpose of the march and failing to comprehend what the name of the march actually meant.

While there was an anti-NRA message in the days after the shooting, the actual event was one of positivity and hope that we will one day live in a gun-free world.

However, the fact that Tomi was ignorant of the actual name of the march is what led people to criticise her on Twitter, with most people making the same and very obvious point.

Tomi did choose to respond in a series of tweets which continued to criticise the protestors, but at least she managed to find the March For Our Lives hashtag.

HT Daily Dot

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