Gage Skidmore / Twitter screengrab

This week, Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban refugees from Syria from the US indefinitely, and from six other major Muslim countries for 120 days.

Understandably, this has caused uproar across the world. People struggled to describe the situation.

But then someone dug up this stunningly wrongheaded Tweet from Conservative TV host Tomi Lahren, who was dropping 'knowledge' on us all the way back in October 2015.

Americans stand up for faith, family and freedom. Syrians run away.

Plus, she Photoshopped that quote onto a photo of herself, so you know she means it.

One Twitter user gave it a quick make-over.

Which got a few choice responses.

Tomi: In case you need to know what Syrians are running away from.....

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen has been taking photos on the ground in Syria. Here's what it is like there.

Maybe worth thinking about, Tomi.

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