Pro-Trump pundit Tomi Lahren has continued her tradition of horrific interventions into key issues by tweeting that border officials using tear gas on immigrants who rushed the southern border was the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving.

Responding to a tweet from actress Alyssa Milano, who used colourful language to criticise the president’s instruction to hinder migrants before they arrive at the borders, Lahren quote tweeted saying that watching the USA finally defend its borders was the “HIGHLIGHT” of her Thanksgiving weekend.

Lahren, a supporter of Trump’s immigration policies, was praising US border control following reports that they fired tear gas at migrants attempting to cross the border. The gas reportedly affected some women, children and other asylum seekers, with reports detailing mothers running from the gas clutching young children.

Trump’s treatment of migrant children has been highly controversial. Earlier this year, he instituted a “zero-tolerance” policy which resulted in mass family separations. Lahren has also criticised “Hollywood types” who she thinks want “illegals” to flood into parts of the US where they don’t even live.

Trump recently threatened to “permanently” shut down the border unless Mexico sent migrants away. He also again called on Congress to fund his infamous border wall.

H/T: Newsweek

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