Tommy Robinson was today sentenced to nine months in jail for contempt of court at London’s Old Bailey.

The EDL founder formerly known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has 11 convictions, including a suspended sentence for contempt.

While the judge ruled Robinson will serve only up to one half of a period of 19 weeks, she was unable to grant a reduction for admission of guilt or remorse.

How strange, given that Robinson arrived to court 10-minutes late after talking to fans gathered outside, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “convicted of journalism”.

The back of his top read: Britain = North Korea.

The act of journalism in question entails breaking reporting restrictions to livestream outside the trial of members of a Huddersfield grooming gang in May 2018, rambling about "rape jihad gangs", encouraging "vigilante action” and threatening the judicial process.

If it’s not clear enough already at this point, his actions could have endangered related trials - conduct which is the polar opposite of Robinson's self-portrayal as a martyred fighter for justice.

This article shows how close Robinson came to causing the trial to collapse.

People were fairly enraged by his conflation of risking justice for victims of sexual abuse with the actions of journalists across the world that are murdered and persecuted for their work.

Aside from what was written on it, someone pointed out another reason why it probably wasn't the best choice of T shirt.

It hasn't taken people long.

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