5 times Tommy Robinson's views were shut down perfectly

5 times Tommy Robinson's views were shut down perfectly

Yesterday, Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, walked free from court after his contempt case was referred to the attorney general by a judge at the Old Bailey.

The 35-year-old far-right 'journalist' has become something of a figurehead in recent months for those that agree with his politics, many of whom waited outside the court and cheered when the outcome was confirmed.

Robinson, who is the founder and former leader of the English Defence League, had been imprisoned in August for breaking reporting restrictions at Leeds Crown Court in May where the Huddersfield grooming gang were on trial.

Speaking outside the court yesterday, Robinson branded the mainstream media "the enemy of the people" before a man in a Donald Trump mask stood next to him, prompting the crowd to chant "we love Trump".

As you can tell from that short description of yesterday's scenes, Robinson is a complex and controversial individual whose opinions and statements frequently don't hold much water.

In the wake of Robinson walking free again, we've dug back through the indy100 archives to create a list of some of his most embarrassing moments where he was shut down in the most epic of fashion.

We'll start with one of our favourites. In August the YouTube prankster Niko Omilana, who has previously gone undercover as a 'racist' at an EDL rally, managed to convince Robinson to appear in a selfie video with him and announce his support for the fictional NDL group.

Next up, is televised Q&A, where Robinson was an audience member and attempted to defend any racist behaviour that might have happened at his events.

This inspires an amazing response from the British rapper Akala, who tells Robinson about Christopher Alder, a black soldier who died in police custody, which literally leaves him speechless.

Now we come to Robinson's infamous book 'Enemy of the State,' a piece of literature that Tommy is so happy about, he'll dish out the likes on social media (when he's allowed on there) like it's nobody's business.

This was proven by the notorious Twitter account heartbeeps who managed to royally embarrass Robinson by telling him that he had purchased the book but didn't reveal the full cover, which actually read 'Enema of the State' instead.

Speaking of his social media activity, back in June 2017 there was a small phenomenon where people began sending a small clip of Tommy falling head over heels in the middle of the street.

Tommy was so incensed by this that he apparently began blocking anyone that sent it to him, which shows just how thick his skin in. Let's take another look at that moment just for the giggles.

As you may have noticed Tommy is a bit Islamophobic and doesn't take kindly to anything associated with Muslims. This includes halal meat, which is a big no-no and shouldn't be eaten whatsoever.

However, Tommy was caught eating halal chicken and was shamed by a member of the staff at the restaurant.

Tommy, who was obviously doing a vanity search, replied:

Derek then shot back with this zinger:

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