Tony Blair is calling for a second referendum and even Remainers think he should stay out of it

Tony Blair is calling for a second referendum and even Remainers think he should stay out of it

The Tony Blair Institute has tweeted a video of the former prime minister denouncing Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, which parliament is set to vote on today.

He says:

What the government wants is to use the public sentiment of 'let's get it done, let's get it over with, end the agony', to sweep away proper scrutiny of what is a profoundly bad deal for our country.

He goes on to say that the decision will define the country for generations, and that:

You don’t take a decision of destiny through a spasm of impatience.

He also calls the deal an "abomination", and includes a clip of Boris Johnson denouncing a similar deal last year when Theresa May tried to put it forward.

Blair claims the deal would:

1. Be a disaster for the UK given the hard border with Northern Ireland and potential increased support for Scottish independence.
2. Help nothing because there is still no clarity on tariffs and trade regulations.

This deal doesn't end the Brexit saga, it just moves us to a new phase, where exactly the same problems arise but this time we will have left and not have the leverage to secure a good deal.

Blair lays out his solution: request an extension from the EU which he thinks would be granted, and then seems to call for a second referendum, saying:

The British people will have to take the final decision, but this time, as opposed to 2016, we will know what the alternative to European Union membership is.

While many will agree with his points, Blair getting involved in Brexit didn't go down too well - Leavers want him to mind his own business, while Remainers don't think his involvement is doing much for the cause.

Many also reminded us that Blair made a crucial decision to have Britain involved in the Iraq War despite mass public opposition.

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