Tories agreed with Jeremy Corbyn during the Sky EU debate and everyone is thoroughly confused

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Monday 20 June 2016 20:40

Jeremy Corbyn was quizzed by Faisal Islam and an audience of under 35s on Sky News on Monday in his only live TV appearance for the Remain campaign ahead of the EU referendum.

While the leader of the Labour party tends to divide opinion no matter what he says, the studio made of up one third Leave voters, one third Remain and one third undecided gave him a decidedly easier time than fellow pro-EU campaigner David Cameron got on Question Time.

Corbyn went for his usual Eurosceptic, hard headed approach - and by and large, it seemed to work. The debate took in strain on the NHS, low wages, housing, worker's rights, and Europe's lacklustre response to the refugee crisis.

The Labour leader's decided lack of enthusiasm for the EU surprised many right-leaning people following along at home who found they actually agreed with a lot of what Corbyn was saying.

(The fact he listed off several things he doesn't like about the EU probably helped).

And just to prove how topsy turvy British politics is at the moment, Corbyn was also attacked for supposedly betraying his socialist roots, becoming a part of the Establishment and campaigning for Remain:

What a time to be voting on a major political decision...

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