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In news that we're honestly surprised hadn't happened yet, the Tories 'Get Brexit Done' battlebus has broken down on a housing estate in Bedford.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday afternoon leaving Tory staffers and a journalist, although not the prime minister, stranded for around 45 minutes in Wixams, Bedfordshire.

According to the BBC's Nick Eardley, there was a problem with a mechanical wing mirror but it was soon fixed by the driver and they were back on the road.

Although this was only a minor mishap and was quickly fixed it was almost indicative of the entire Brexit debacle, which has been a stop and start affair ever since 2016.

Given the nature of what happened and the Tories week of mishaps, this entire scene soon became a viral joke with all the obvious puns being made, especially after the Tories banned the Daily Mirror's presence on the bus.

Also, the bus was a German Mercedes-Benz, which doesn't sound very Brexity.

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