This elderly northern lady has just produced the best joke on Brexit to date

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Tuesday 19 November 2019 10:00

Following the recent floods in the North of England, news broadcasters have been paying a lot more attention to the witticisms and hot takes of our northern countrymen and women and we've got to say, we're here for it.

More recently Sky News decided to go to bingo in Derbyshire to ask about Brexit and English identity among other things and we're all very glad they did.

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An unnamed elderly woman became an instant icon as she decided to respond to a reporter's question with a hilarious joke.

For those looking for a fun one to add to their list of dinner party lols, here it is:

Did you know that Oxo have brought a new cube out for Brexit?

*Wait for someone to kindly humour you by responding that no, they did not.*

Do you know what it's called?

And then... the punchline:

Laughing stock.

Ideally this joke is best delivered deadpan, with a Northern accent, while playing bingo.

If the reactions to the clip are anything to go by, people will love you for it.

HT: The New European

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