The Tories used Comic Sans in a tweet and people are officially done with 2019

Louis Staples
Tuesday 22 October 2019 15:45

As Brexit rumbles on, it seems that the team at Tory HQ are having a completely normal one.

Af ew short hours ago, the official Twitter for the Conservative Party has put out a strange house-music-tracked banger. It was all very strange…

But now, Tory HQ have been tweeting lots of high-coloured ads in different fonts.

Seriously, the graphic design is… All over the place.

One particular advert, featuring Comic Sans font, has caused a particular stir online.

Comic Sans is universally considered to be one of the most atrocious fonts that Microsoft Word has to offer. It’s the Fiat 500, or “live, laugh, love” of fonts.

Naturally, people had thoughts.

It got so bad that even Innocent Smoothies dragged them.

But polling company YouGov said that people actually like the much-maligned font.

The Lib Dems eventually joined in, telling people not to share the post.

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