Tories brutally taken down by this viral poem highlighting the impact of poverty in under 20 lines

Joshua Zitser
Thursday 14 January 2021 18:34
(Getty Images)

The Tories have spent months facing heavy criticism over their response to calls to address the issue of child poverty during the pandemic.

After a number of flip-flops and U-turns and following extraordinary efforts from footballer Marcus Rashford, the government agreed to offer meals for children even when they’re not at school, in an effort to tackle child poverty during the pandemic.

But when the packages arrived, the government faced even more criticism, as the offering was labelled substandard and disgraceful, with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson himself saying he was “absolutely disgusted” by the standards of some food parcels pictured on social media.

Boris Johnson has since reportedly promised to review the situation, so that’s something.

Still, it seems like a fitting time to resurface the incredible creation of poet Brian Bilston, who managed to capture the public mood perfectly.

Way back in October, Bilston penned a 17-line viral poem which highlights the impact of poverty and the hypocrisy of the Tories.

Called ‘Conservative Party HQ Lunchtime Menu’, the poem hilariously trolls the Tories for their decision not to extend the scheme.

Bilston writes: “Half-baked notions, idling on a soft bed of privilege, served with a thick faux pax sauce.”

He continues: “Kids in blankets, deep-famished, with a deprivation of vegetables and a relish reduction.”

The poem later jokingly refers to the prime minister as an “Eton Mess”.

At the time, people were quick to call the poem ‘perfection’.

Who knew you could eviscerate a government position in just 17 lines?