A Tory candidate has had to apologise after he called for Bristol to be bombed following the unrest caused by the riots in the city on Sunday.

Stephen Halbhuber, who is hoping to represent St Anthony’s ward in Eastbourne and also works within the NHS, tweeted ‘just bomb Bristol’ in reaction to the violent scenes, which saw two police officers taken to hospital.

Halbhuber, who tweeted his message on Sunday evening, has since locked his account but there are many screenshots of the tweet currently being circulated on social media. One Labour MP called the tweet “as dense as it is disgraceful.”

After his tweet went viral, Halbhuber tweeted an unreserved apology: “I want to apologise unreservedly for my comments last night, and for any offence caused. Needless to say, it is not something that I believe or would advocate for. In the cold light of day, I completely regret them.

“I have a responsibility to residents to act with propriety and tolerance. Yesterday, I fell beneath that standard, and can only apologise and promise to learn from my mistake.”

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Sunday’s riot came after a planned peaceful protest in response to the controversial policing bill which was voted through the Commons last week. If it does come into law it could grant police powers to shut down any sort of protest if they believe it could lead to unrest.

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