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A transgender teenager was forced out of the girl's bathroom at Osseo Senior High in Minnesota after officials from the school forced upon the stall she was in with a yardstick.

The student who goes by the name of Cece Doll on Facebook uploaded a video of the incident to the social media site which shows a female teacher forcing on the door whilst the student was still sitting on the toilet.

Male administrators from the school and police officers are also present in the video which was filmed on Wednesday, November 28.

In the clip which has already been viewed over 300,000 times on Facebook, she accuses the staff member of being perverted and of violation her and added the caption:

I guess I can't use the girl's bathroom just because I'm transgender.

A second video sees her being ejected from the building by several members of staff, one of which she accuses of "violating" her.

However, the principal of the school has attempted to defend the actions of his staff, admitting that no had been banned from using the bathrooms and that the videos 'misrepresent' the event.

In a statement principal Michael Lehan said:

I am aware of social media posts that significantly misrepresent an incident that occurred at school on Nov. 28.

It’s important for you to know that no students were barred or banned from using any bathroom at Osseo Senior High.

I sincerely wish I could say more, but for data privacy reasons, I cannot provide details about a situation involving a specific student.

What I hope you already know is that we work every day to create an inclusive school where students feel welcome and respected.

Our staff regularly works with individual students and families who have varying needs, including needs related to identity.

He added that staff would only intervene in the use of a bathroom over concerns of safety, illness, health-related issues or 'suspected illegal activity.'

A spokesperson for Osseo Schools released a similar statement where they also stated that the video 'misrepresented' what had happened.

CBS quotes them as saying:

Social media posts are significantly misrepresenting the incident and that staff works very hard every day to help ensure an inclusive school where all students feel welcome, respected and safe.

In response to the videos, OutFront Minnesota, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the state, urged schools to improve the standards for trans students and create an atmosphere where students can be themselves.

Monica Meyer, the executive director of OutFront Minnesota said:

It is imperative for students to be respected and affirmed in schools to thrive. When students feel bullied or invalidated for being who they are, their ability to learn and thrive in school is greatly diminished

It is the job of school districts, faculty and educators to provide spaces where Minnesota youth feel safe and welcome and are encouraged to live their full identities.

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