Trans and nonbinary Americans are uniting against new Trump proposal, saying they #WontBeErased

Getty Images/Twitter

The Trump administration is looking into a law that would effectively erase recognition of trans and nonbinary gender identities, according to the New York Times.

The memo being circulated says the Department of Health and Human Services would make changes to Title XI definitions of gender, to only recognise male and female sex, ignoring any other identity.

The effects of such a policy would be utterly devastating to over 1 million Americans as it would seek to eradicates the identities of those whom identify as transgender, while also strictly defining gender as 'unchangeable'.

In response to the proposal, transgender and nonbinary people have banded together to share photos of themselves under the new hashtag #WontBeErased, which is part of the larger backlash to Trump's backwards policy proposal.

The response on social media has been inspiring and further to this, there are planned acts of protests occurring across America.

On Sunday evening, the Transgender Center for Equality and Lambda Legal held a rally in New York City and another protest outside the White House is planned for today.

Unfortunately, as we've discussed here too many times, this isn't the first attack on transgender people in America by this administration and it most likely won't be the last.

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