Astroworld: Man describes horrors at Travis Scott’s music festival

Astroworld: Man describes horrors at Travis Scott’s music festival

A TikToker who attended Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival has described the horrors of the fatal event where eight people died and hundreds were injured.

Matt Aguilera (@_mattaguilera) was among 50,000 people who attended the popular festival on Friday. He told his 95,000 TikTok followers what he saw.

Matt said he was towards the front of the festival in Houston, Texas when he tried to leave the tightly-packed pit.

“I couldn’t do it – I’ve been to the last Astroworld and multiple Travis concerts and this was just different. I couldn’t do it, I was just so squished and I literally started having, kind of like, a panic attack.”


Reply to @chichosbackup can’t even believe I’m having to talk about this rn man, how is this real life #travisscott #astrofest #astroworld

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Matt started to make his way towards a barricade into the VIP section, which he climbed over and began helping others to escape.

He continued: “I’m a big dude and I’m helping little girls over that are like 5’6, 5’2, 5’4 – I just can’t even imagine how horrible that must have been. They really, probably thought that they were gonna die which is crazy.

He then described how a girl who was helped over the barrier had already passed out, to which her friend shouted: “She’s not waking up, there’s no pulse.”

The girl was then given CPR by other attendees for the duration of Scott’s performance, as no paramedics were nearby.

“It took the paramedics probably 30 minutes to get through, and once they got through they tried to do CPR on her and nothing.

Her body was then carried out on a stretcher, and Matt recalls how the stretcher was accidentally dropped to which her unconscious body fell to the ground. She was then lifted back on to the stretcher and carried away.

Matt said he began to feel light-headed upon seeing that and had to look away.

“It’s something I never thought I’d see in my life, especially at Astroworld - somewhere you’re trying to have fun at with your friends and something you look forward to,” he said.

At least eight people, aged between 14 and 27 years old, died at the festival.

Texas officials said on Saturday a thorough investigation is currently underway, and at least three concert-goers are now suing Travis Scott and Astroworld organisers.

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