A complete timeline of Trump's 'car-crash' 60 Minutes interview

A complete timeline of Trump's 'car-crash' 60 Minutes interview

Donald Trump's highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview has finally aired on CBS and there is a lot to unpack.

The president had been up in arms about the interview with Lesley Stahl and even shared an unedited version of it on Facebook which didn't exactly put him in a good light in the first place.

Now the interview has aired and we can see what Trump actually said and why he decided to cut the interview short and walk out after just 45 minutes.

The interview got off to an awkward start as Stahl asks the president if he is ready for "some tough questions". Trump doesn't seem to like that and just asks her to be "fair" and adds that she doesn't ask Joe Biden tough questions.

Trump appeared to struggle straight off the bat with a relatively simple question of what his domestic priorities are if he is re-elected. Rather than give a straightforward answer, Trump proceeds to reel off his small amount of accomplishments from the past four years.

Stahl: "Let me ask you what you think your– the biggest domestic priority is for you right now."

Trump: "Well..."

Stahl: "Or next year."

Trump: "Ultimately, let me... and I... I'll tell ya, it was happening. We created the greatest economy in the history of our country. And the other side was..."

Stahl: "You know that... you know–"

Trump: "...coming in..."

Stahl: "that's not true."

Trump: "It is totally true."

Stahl: "No."

Trump: "We had the best stock market price ever and we're getting close to that price again. The unemployment numbers for African Americans, for Asian Americans, for Hispanic Americans. Virtually every number was the best. And what was happening is things were coming together–"

Stahl: "I asked you what's the priority? I mean, those are all the good things..."

Trump: "The priority now..."

Stahl: "What do you have to solve?"

Trump: " to get back to normal. Get back to where we were. To have the economy rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy. And that's where we're going."

Moving on they touch on the two biggest issues that Trump is currently facing; the Covid-19 pandemic and a rise in unemployment. Trump disagreed with this and claims that he has done a 'great job with Covid' and blames the 'fake news media' for reporting that cases are going up.

Another huge talking point of recent Trump rallies has been the president's pleas to suburban women (a key area which Trump is trailing behind in polls), and desperately asking them to vote for him.

Trump denies ever saying this and claims that he hasn't downplayed the seriousness of the virus.

More denials from Trump as he said that he never called Dr Fauci and other experts "idiots" and claims that they are handing out masks to people at his rallies, despite there being almost no evidence of this.

Stahl also points out that Trump's rallies used to be bigger after he claimed that he is seeing record-setting numbers.

Stahl presses Trump on the issue of masks at his rallies, especially as he has recently had coronavirus, but he becomes antsy and asks to move on to another question.

Stahl: "Tell me about the mask-wearing."

Trump: "You're so negative. These are the biggest rallies we've ever had. You just come in here with that negative attitude. These are the biggest rallies we've ever had."

Stahl: "But I can't believe, after what happened in the Rose Garden here, after the announcement, with all the people getting sick–"

Trump: "Yeah."

Stahl: "That you are not being more strongly encouraging about wearing masks..."

Trump: "I am."

Stahl: " your rallies."

Trump: "I tell people to wear masks."

Stahl: "But you don't."

Trump: "Lesley, we hand out thousands of masks at every rally."

Stahl: "But you look out and they're not wearing them. You don't get up there and say, "Look. You know, come on. I don't want you to..."

Trump: "What's your... what's your next question, Lesley? We're outside. The rallies are bigger than they've ever been. There's more enthusiasm than we've ever had. There has never been anything like what you're witnessing now, and you'll see that soon."

Trump is then asked about his healthcare plan which he wants to bring in to replace Obamacare. Keep this in mind as it will come back later.

Stahl then asks why Trump is still talking about Hillary Clinton at his rallies and he claims that the four-year-old story about her deleted emails is still a big issue to him.

Stahl: "But do you think that when you hold rallies and encourage people to say, 'Lock her up,' the way you..."

Trump: "I don't encourage them. They say it."

Stahl: "And you enjoy it. You don't say, 'Don't do that.'"

Trump: "Hillary Clinton, let me just tell you, Hillary Clinton deleted, she deleted 33,000 emails after she got a subpoena from the United States Congress."

Stahl: "But why is this still an issue? Why do people, they're not gonna vote on that..."

Trump: "I think it's an issue. To me it's an issue."

Stahl: "She ran last time."

Trump: "Excuse me. When they say 'Lock her up,' it's not me. They say it. It starts, it ends up being..."

Stahl: "You encourage it."

Trump: "I don't encourage it."

Stahl: "Yes, you do."

Trump: "No. If I mention her name about something, they go crazy."

At briefly talking about Michigan's governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who was targetted by militia after she put the state into lockdown, Stahl asks Trump if he takes any responsibility for the country being divided against itself? Trump reluctantly says that someone has to but that he doesn't want to.

Trump goes on to complain about the media asking Joe Biden what flavour of ice cream he is eating as a way of complaining about the tough questions that he gets asked.

This is when Trump decides that he's had enough. After being questioned about his use of social media, a producer informs them how long they've got left prompting Trump to declare they've got enough and cut the interview short before a scheduled walk around the grounds of the White House.

Stahl was set to talk to Mike Pence afterward but before the vice president arrived she was handed a gigantic book by the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. which apparently contained the aforementioned health care plan. But apparently just contains executive orders and congressional initiatives instead.

And with that Trump's 60 Minutes interview, which he was so upset about was over. Is it just us or has he given much worse interviews in the past?

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