A current aide to Donald Trump once used the Berlin Wall as an example of how walls can work as a means of dividing people.

Monica Crowley, who was appointed as the assistant secretary for public affairs to the treasury in July of 2019, shared a tweet in October 2015 of her standing next to remnants of the old Berlin Wall.

In the tweet she wrote:

At the Berlin Wall last week. Walls work.

In an equally confusing tweet, Crowley then shows us a commemorative plaque of the wall and claims that is 'what remains of the Berlin Wall.'

These tweets come just a month after Donald Trump had launched his presidential campaign, with one of his key policies being that he would build a border wall between the US and Mexico to quell the amount of migrants who were entering America, a wall that is still yet to be fully constructed and can easily be scaled by a child.

We really shouldn't need to point out the obvious problem with Crowley's tweets other than the Berlin Wall is one of the most maligned monuments of the twentieth century and was eventually torn down by the people it was separating after standing for nearly 30 years.

The 30th anniversary of its demolition was on November 9 and Crowley's tweet resurfaced with many people expressing just how strange her comparison was.

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