Man tried to attack The Wire creator over Trump's Baltimore tweets and it backfired badly

Man tried to attack The Wire creator over Trump's Baltimore tweets and it backfired badly

When the history of the golden age of television is written, The Wire,The Sopranos and Deadwood will be seen as the great shows that ushered in a new era of small screen complexity and characterisation.

The Wire is often regarded as first among equals, an examination of a city and its institutions that is almost Shakespearean in it's complexities and compelling plot lines as while having something profound and often prophetic to say about the way we live now.

David Simon, the creator and showrunner of The Wire, is the Baltimore inhabitant who immortalised the city and its issues, turning them into an astonishing work of art, one of HBO’s true masterpieces.

These days, when he’s not penning seminal TV shows, Simon spends his days tweeting about the state of his country and its 45th president, Donald Trump.

Trump has been especially provocative this week, labelling Baltimore “infested”, a term he seems to employ often when referring to cities inhabited by people of colour. Simon tweeted:

If this empty-suit, race-hating fraud had to actually visit West Baltimore for five minutes and meet any of the American citizens who endure there, he’d wet himself.

Bud Musgrove saw this and felt compelled to reply. His Twitter bio reads, “Dad. Marine vet. Lawyer. I like golf, UGA and FSU too.” Unfortunately, he probably should have done some googling before concluding his riposte to the man who created The Wire with the words, “Have you watched The Wire, Sir?”

Musgrove's ill-advised tweet read:

So this is the part where yoyou act like @RepCummings hasn't been disparaging Trump for two plus years? And you also act like West Baltimore is doing great? Have you watched The Wire, sir?

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