Trump loving restaurant boss loses customers after hanging ‘patriots only’ anti-Biden sign

Trump loving restaurant boss loses customers after hanging ‘patriots only’ anti-Biden sign

A Trump-loving business owner is filled with regret after posting an anti-Biden sign outside of his Italian restaurant.

Eddie’s Ristorante is located in Jupiter, Florida, just 20 miles away from Mar-a-Lago. A staunch supporter of former president Donald Trump, Eddie Lubic took it upon himself to hang up a sign that claimed the restaurant was only serving “Patriots of the USA.” It continued: “If you are still a Biden supporter, this restaurant is not for you.”

Lubic recently admitted to the Palm Beach Post that he “may have made a mistake” and that he “probably lost more [customers] than I gained.” Since posting the sign, Lubic claims that the restaurant’s hostess, 19, receives 100 vulgar phone calls a day from “relentless” strangers.

The Yelp page for Eddie’s Ristorante was flooded with comments like “Come for the biscotti, stay for the Benghazi”, causing the page to be shut down entirely.

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Although Mar-a-Lago is located in Palm Beach County, Biden was favored among voters by 56 percent to 43 percent in November 2020.

“I just can’t stand looking at him,” Lubic said. “The guy’s killing the country. Did you see him today with the Teleprompter?”

Despite the backlash, a new sign now reads, in what can be presumed as an effort to attract customers on both sides, “We are only serving Patriots of the USA vaccinated and unvaccinated. Question...In light of the Afghanistant debacle and the border crisis, do you still support Sleepy Joe and the corrupt White House administration?”

Lubic told the Palm Beach Post that he is unvaccinated and does not believe that in masks are effective against COVID-19.

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