Outrage as Republican refuses to acknowledge that Biden is the legitimate president in staggering TV interview

Outrage as Republican refuses to acknowledge that Biden is the legitimate president in staggering TV interview

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before but Republicans are still trying to claim that Joe Biden didn’t legitimately win the 2020 presidential election.

Four months after the election and nearly a month after Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, some Republicans are still peddling the dangerous claim that the results were not legitimate.

Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the second-ranking HouseRepublican behind Kevin McCarthy appeared on ABC NewsThis Week on Sunday where he was pressed by the host, Jon Karl on his thoughts on November’s results.

Karl said, “Clear this up for me: Joe Biden won the election. He is the legitimate president of the United States. The election was not stolen, correct?”

Although Scalise did acknowledge that Biden was the president, he skirted around the issue of whether he believed the election was legitimate or not. Scalise said, “There were a few states that did not follow their state laws. That’s really the dispute that you’ve seen continue on.”

He went on to accuse Biden of wanting to continue talking about impeachment and “killing millions of American energy jobs” by signing the Paris Accord before alluding to ‘problems’ that happened with the election.

“At the end of the day, when you look at where we are in this country, either we’re going to address the problems that happened with the election that people are still ― millions of people ― are still concerned about,” Scalise said. “The Constitution says state legislatures set the rules for elections. That didn’t happen in a few states.”

Karl did opt to press Scalise on his question hoping that the Republican would say that Biden was the legitimate president, however, he still wasn’t budging. Scalise said that once the electors are counted then Biden would be the president but added: “If you’re going to ignore the fact that there were states that did not follow their own state legislatively set laws, that’s the issue at heart, that millions of people still are not happy with and don’t want to see happen again.”

The footage stunned many who saw it, who were staggered by the fact that the Republicans are still focused on the results of the election despite there being no evidence of voter fraud.

Trump refused to concede the election to Biden even after the results were confirmed and his team failed to uncover any evidence of the election being tampered with.

Trump’s claims over the election not being legitimate is considered to be the main reason that thousands of his supporters stormed the Capitol Building on 6 January, which led to Trump being impeached for a second time.

Trump is still considered to hold a powerful grip over the Republican party despite the controversy surrounding him. Recent reports suggest that almost half of the GOP party members would consider leaving if Trump started his own party.

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