Woman claims her pro-Trump parents kicked her out of the house after she voted for Biden

Woman claims her pro-Trump parents kicked her out of the house after she voted for Biden

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after she claimed to have been kicked out by her Trump supporting parents after she voted for Joe Biden in the pesidential election.

In a series of videos that a woman named Jules (@juuldaism) began posting in November, she has documented how her relationship between her and her parents has broken down after Biden defeated Trump. In one video she begins by saying ‘You better pray for me because I’m about I’m to single-handedly ruin my relationship with my parents’ before she then goes and votes for Biden. 

As the clip continues you can hear her mother become tearful and leave the car. In the next video, she explains that she has subsequently been ‘disowned.’ This all appears to have taken place before the results were confirmed. In her next video, which has gone viral after being shared on Reddit, her mother can be heard telling her to leave the house after Biden’s victory is confirmed. 

The video ends with her walking alone outside claiming that she is now homeless.


She has since confirmed that she is living with her friends but is still without permanent accommodation. Jules does reveal that she has spoken to her parents since and they are still annoyed, especially since the videos have gone viral and was also uninvited from Thanksgiving but is saving for her own apartment. 

The last update on this from Jules, who is from Austin, Texas was on 23rd December when she was in a car with her mother and grandma. Her mother claims that Trump will still be inaugurated on 20th January and tells Jules’ followers to ‘educate themselves.’

That final video does show that she has at least repaired some of her bridges with her parents but still appears to be living separately from them. However, she has since amassed more than 200,000 followers on TikTok and some of her videos have been viewed more than 14 million times.

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