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A section of Donald Trump's border wall appears to have collapsed after being battered by a hurricane, but not everyone is sure when the video was recorded.

Hurricane Hanna has become the first big storm to ravage the United States in 2020 and has caused particular destruction on the coast of Texas. The hurricane first made landfall on Padre Island on Saturday and then a second landfall in Kenedy County, Texas.

The state of Texas is already dealing with a huge number of coronavirus cases but the added danger of a hurricane will only make the situation more difficult with vehicles and homes taking the brunt of the damage.

There have been no immediate reports of anyone being injured by the storm.

Elsewhere footage of what looks like part of Donald Trump's border wall collapsing under the heavy winds had gone viral on social media after being shared by journalist Yadith Valdez, who has since deleted her version of the video, although alternative videos of the incident have been shared by verified journalists.

However, some have questioned the validity of the video and whether it was actually recorded over the weekend or not.

Nick Miroff, a reporter for TheWashington Post tweeted that he was told by Customs and Border Patrol officials that the video was not recorded in the Rio Grande Valley, where the storm had hit and could have been filmed during a monsoon in Arizona, where there had been no recent reports of Trump's wall collapsing although the footage could still be new.

Roderick Kise, a spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection, told Caller that he did not believe that the video was from south Texas as the hurricane hit the area at night, whereas the video was clearly recorded during the day.

While the debate of where and when the video was recorded will continue to linger on, it is obvious that part of Trump's expensive border wall between the United States and Mexico was toppled by strong winds at some point and people couldn't help but make jokes about the construction that was a big part of the president's campaign four years ago, which he vowed to make Mexico pay for.

Back in January, part of Trump's wall, which was still under construction, was blown down in high winds in Calexico, California.

President Trump has yet to comment on whether part of his wall was destroyed by the hurricane or elsewhere along the border.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Hanna has been downgraded to a category one hurricane after making landfall, where it dumped more than 12 inches of rain and reach wind speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

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