Trump says he and Boris Johnson are 'very much aligned' and that's terrifying

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 16 August 2019 12:00

Donald Trump said he and Boris Johnson are “very much aligned” during a speech before his New Hampshire rally.

Speaking ahead of a campaign rally, the US president said they were “very much aligned” and will continue to discuss the possibility of an agreement about a post-Brexit trade deal.

“I think we’ll make a fantastic and big trade deal with the UK,” he told reporters.

He said he had talked to Johnson on Wednesday and would be speaking to him again, saying:

He and I are very much aligned.

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham agreed, saying both leaders were "national zealots who refuse to apologise for your homophobia, sexism and Islamophobia"

Others were similarly critical of both Trump and Johnson

The prime minister recently said he expects a post-Brexit trade deal with the US to be a “tough old haggle.”

The Tory leader explained:

In my experience the Americans are very tough negotiators indeed, and we will do a great deal with them and it will open up opportunities for UK business, particularly service companies in the US, but it will be a tough old haggle - but we will get there.

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