Trump's obsession with buying Greenland reportedly delayed military aid to Ukraine

Remember when Trump wanted to buy Greenland?

Whew, what a hoot that was.

Well it turns out that Trump’s momentary obsession-turned-temper-tantrum with buying Greenland, which ended in him cancelling a visit to Denmark, actually had some pretty ridiculous consequences.

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Acting US ambassador Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat to Ukraine, testified that senior US officials could not advise president Trump to release military aid to Ukraine because he was so tied up with the Greenland idea.

Taylor told House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff that a meeting to advise the president on approving the deal was "hard to schedule" because they were "on different trips at different times."

But the US diplomat added that he believed "this was also about the time of the Greenland question," and that it "took up a lot of energy in the [National Security Council]."

Trump’s attempt to buy Greenland was an international embarrassment. But it’s now back in the spotlight following the ongoing impeachment investigation into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

It might have seemed like a publicity stunt at the time, but it's even more ridiculous that it was allegedly holding up millions in diplomatic aid.

H/T: Business Insider

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