The nine most bizarre moments from Trump’s cabinet meeting

The nine most bizarre moments from Trump’s cabinet meeting

You can almost feel yourself getting stupider when you listen to a Trump press conference.

During his latest cabinet meeting, Trump touched on a lot of topics – Syria, immigration, his lonely Christmas holiday – with his usual mix of misleading statements, mistakes and surreal detours.

So instead of watching the whole one hour and a half meeting, we’ve collected together some of its most ridiculous moments.

But before we begin, a quick reminder that the whole meeting took place with a Game of Thrones parody poster on the table.

Behold the intellectual vision of the most powerful man in the United States...

1. When Trump explained he's withdrawing the US army from Syria because it’s a country of “sand and death”.

2. When he started talking about how good looking all the generals at the Pentagon were…

3. When he said the border wall isn’t immoral because the Vatican has “the biggest wall of them all".

4. When he said he would have been a good general - even though he dodged the military draft five times.

5. This absolute car crash of a history lesson, where he suggested Russia was “right” to invade Afghanistan in 1979 (the US opposed the invasion and supported the Sunni Mujahideen).

6. When he claimed he single-handedly lowered gas prices by calling up oil providers and demanding “let that damn oil and gasoline, you let it flow".

7. When he said if he hadn’t been elected in 2016, there would be a “nice big fat war in Asia” right now.

8. When he mocked India for building a library in Afghanistan and then suggested people there don’t use libraries, or maybe they don’t read books… it’s really hard to tell at this point.

9. Whatever the heck is meant be going on here - we think he’s saying we should be scared about giving him power…

We’re still only three days into 2019.

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