Advert for children’s book that praises Trump’s presidency compared to ‘brainwashing’

Advert for children’s book that praises Trump’s presidency compared to ‘brainwashing’

An advert which is reportedly airing on the US conservative news channel Newsmax has been compared to ‘brainwashing’ for promoting Donald Trump and his politics to children.

The short commercial promotes a book called ‘The Kids Guide to President Trump’ has been produced by the former governor of Arkansas and avid Trump supporter Mike Huckabee and his education company Learn Our History. Huckabee is incidentally is the father of former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The advert says as follows, “Parents and grandparents, great news! Mike Huckabee’s education company wants to help your family to celebrate President Trump and all he’s accomplished as our president. For a limited time, you can getThe Kids Guide to President Trump [AJP: yes, he’s just as clueless about apostrophes as his hero] for free. This fun kids’ guide will help your kids learn all about the president’s greatest achievements. What’s more, it’s part of a very special gift bundle that includes a free kids’ magazine and free video lesson, too. To learn more and order the Kids Guide to President Trump gift bundle, just visit”

The commercial aired on Newsmax, a network that has shown overwhelming favouritism towards Trump both before and after the election, earlier this week and has since made its way on to Twitter where is has been viewed more than 400,000 times with many horrified by what they are seeing.

According to, the book has been created by EverBright Media who have published other books on presidential elections, coronavirus and free markets.

It’s unlikely that the book will cover the many scandals and controversies that dogged Trump’s presidency. Indeed a description claims the “mainstream media has been no friend to president Trump.” A testimony from a mother called ‘Sandy D’ from Orlando, Florida says, “I ordered this for my daughter who’s in the fifth grade.  She studied the Trump presidency in school, but her lessons were biased like the media.”

These adverts aren’t particularly new either. In July 2020 the company was accused of ‘scamming’ parents, as the free book was actually said to be part of a $20-per-month subscription fee, which parents were signed up to unknowingly.

In a statement given to Huffington Post, EverBright Media said, “We are a subscription education company, and across our various websites, ... we explain how our subscription offers work to our customers. We also provide them with our terms during the checkout process, even requiring each customer to check a box acknowledging that they have reviewed our terms and conditions before we will process their order.”

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