Donald Trump doesn't know how to toss a coin and everyone is mocking him

AP Images and Twitter

Footage of Donald Trump flipping a coin has garnered attention online for his… unique take.

The US president attended the 119th annual Army-Navy game in Philadelphia.

The game commenced after Donald Trump tossed a coin, which landed in favour of the Navy.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, defence secretary James Mattis, secretary of the army Mark Esper and secretary of the navy Richard Spencer were also in attendance, according to the White House.

But it’s not the star-studded cast that got people online twitching with laughter.

It was the way Trump tossed the coin.

People weren’t really sure what he was going for…

The aftermath of the toss was a point of discussion, too.

This isn’t the first time everyday actions were given a bizarre, Trumpian spin.

A couple of years ago an old advert featuring Trump was the topic of intense debate because he ate pizza CRUST FIRST.

In fact, there are lots things he does… uniquely


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