5 crucial questions we all have after Trump's coronavirus diagnosis

5 crucial questions we all have after Trump's coronavirus diagnosis

Donald Trump announced this morning that he and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19.

But with just over a month left until America goes to the polls, Trump’s diagnosis has thrown up several questions.

Here’s just a few we’re wondering about right now…

1. How did he get it?

No one can know for sure how Trump contracted the virus, mainly because he’s not exactly been that careful about taking precautions (remember all those months he refused to wear a mask?).

Right now, people are speculating that top adviser Hope Hicks may have passed the virus onto the president, after it was revealed she tested positive following several journeys with him.

But there’s no evidence as of yet that Hicks gave it to the Trumps. In fact, they could have passed it to her.

2. What about Mike Pence?

All eyes are now turning to Trump’s vice president, who will be in charge in the event the president gets too sick to work.

Except now there’s the question of whether Mike Pence is likely to be struck down with the illness too.

He’s recently had contact with both Hicks and Trump so there is an obvious risk, and guidelines mean he should self-isolate until test results have been returned.

And now there’s a VP debate scheduled for 7 October – so people are wondering whether it should be rescheduled or moved to Zoom.

Watch this one closely…

3. What happens to the presidential debates?

Speaking of debates, the next presidential one is set to take place on 15 October.

But social media users who’ve done the maths have worked out that, even if Trump makes a full recovery within the two week quarantine period, it’s may not be enough distance to allow Joe Biden to take part in a face-to-face debate.

Will it be rescheduled or a virtual one take place instead?

Imagine the chaos of Trump trying to interrupt Biden while on Zoom…

No thank you.

4. Is Joe Biden at risk?

On the whole, it seems like no.

It’s not like Trump and Biden got up close and personal at the debate, unless they enjoyed an unlikely tete-a-tete backstage.

And while Trump was doing lots of yelling at his opposition, social distancing measures mean he wasn’t anywhere near Biden.

It does depend on when Trump was infected though – so never say never.

5. How could this influence the election?

Short answer: god knows.

Long answer: Biden could use it to make Trump look foolish. Trump could use it to make himself look like living proof the virus is no great threat.

They could engage in a samurai duel at the next debate. Literally anything could happen.

So basically: god knows.

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