These TV news banners about Trump's latest meltdown look fake, but they're completely real

CNN was not having any of president Trump’s meltdown during his coronavirus press briefing on Monday and the results are absolutely scathing.

The briefing was so chaotic that #TrumpMeltdown trended worldwide soon after it finished.

During the pandemonium, Trump made a series of outlandish claims that resulted in the most damning TV news banners:

For context, Trump started off the briefing with a series of videos that essentially put the blame on the media for not taking the coronavirus seriously in the early stages of the pandemic.

It showed a series of clips from FOX News downplaying Covid-19:

The video then showed Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic – with clips dated from March about how he closed the US border to China and declared a national emergency.

There was just one problem. It completely missed any dates in February.

This could be because Trump said as late as 28 February that coronavirus was the Democratic Party’s “new hoax”, despite the country reporting its first case on 21 January.

CNN had all of the receipts:

CNN’s website slammed the briefing as “one of the most unchained presidential tantrums ever captured on television”.

During the briefing, Trump also incorrectly claimed his power as POTUS is ‘total’ when it comes to telling states whether or not to ease their lockdowns.

This goes against the Tenth Amendment in the constitution, which states "police powers" are granted to the states to regulate behaviour during public health crises.

Then the memes rolled in:

At the time of writing, the US has 587,173 confirmed coronavirus cases and sadly 23,644 people have died.

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