Coronavirus: Trump bragged that he hasn't touched his face 'in weeks' but this photo from 3 days ago suggests otherwise


When it comes to traits most people associate with president Trump, telling the truth isn’t one of them.

In fact, his penchant for stretching or plainly disregarding facts that don’t fit with his narrative is one of Trump’s most defining features. Like, remember when Kellyanne Conway literally coined “alternative facts” to defend his blatant lying?

Amid the global coronavirus panic, Trump has taken time out from comparing it to the flu and blaming it on Democrats (and the Chinese, and the "deep state") to brag about how he hasn’t touched his face “in weeks”. He even said

I miss it.

This comes after official guidelines suggested that touching our faces is one of the main ways humans spread germs. So it makes sense that Trump – a notorious germophobe who is known for avoiding shaking peoples’ hands at the best of times – would take the opportunity to brag about his own cleanliness.

But these pictures of Trump from this week suggest that, you’ve guessed it, he has been touching his face.

According to Getty Images, this photo of Trump was taken on Monday 2 March.

BREAKING: Trump’s reputation as a truth-teller.

He’s not the only world-leader to deviate from the official advice. Boris Johnson also touched his face during a news conference.

If the leaders tasked with leading the world through this growing crisis can’t even follow advice, then it’s not great for the rest of us, is it?

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