Trump's 'large' union crowd at Shell told they wouldn't get paid if they didn't show up
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Shell workers in Pennsylvania were told they had to attend President Donald Trump’s speech on Tuesday or take the day off without pay.

According to thePittsburgh Gazette, a memo was sent to union leaders insisting that although attendance was not mandatory only employees who arrived at the event would receive pay.

The union employees were also given strict instructions about their behaviour:

No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance will be tolerated at the event. An underlying theme of the event is to promote good will from the unions. Your building trade leaders and jobs stewards have agreed to this.

Trump was criticised for opting to push a political message during the visit, claiming credit for the construction of the Shell plant despite it being announced during Obama’s time in office.

Many on social media compared the reports to stories of Russia and North Korea

Others saw it as further proof the Trump doesn't care about the American working class

People also held Shell at fault for allowing this to happen in the first place, with #BoycottShell swiftly becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

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