Trump delivers rambling speech on Greta Thunberg, impeachment and claims journalists who praise him should win Pultizers

Greg Evans
Wednesday 22 January 2020 12:30

Donald Trump has again spoken at the Davos summit in Switzerland where he has delivered some quite frankly eye-opening quotes about all manner of people.

Speaking to the press that has congregated at the World Economic Forum, Trump went in all guns blazing, taking shots at just about everyone that disagrees with him.

Firstly, he was asked about the impeachment trial which he continued to call a hoax, labelled Adam Schiff a 'corrupt politician' and added that the Democrats have been 'driven crazy' by him.

Then he took a pop at 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who he bitterly claimed that he 'beat me out on Time magazine' but did claim that he would have liked to have heard her speech, which she gave on Tuesday.

He then went on to call Lev Parnas, a potential key witness in the impeachment trial, a 'groupie' and a 'conman' adding that Rudy Giuliani, who is an associate of Parnas, is 'one of the greatest crime fighters in the last 100 years.' Alright... he's not Batman.

Oh... and he did say that Giuliani knows corruption better than anybody, which isn't a great look.

He also called Jerry Nadler, one of the impeachment managers, a 'sleazebag' which is seemingly due to a long-held grudge dating back to their days in New York.

If that wasn't enough he also moaned that journalists that have been critical of him in the past have now won Pulitzer Prizes, while the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, who cannot get enough of Trump, remain without Pulitzers.

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