The impeachment trial of Donald Trump officially got underway in Washington DC on Tuesday but his daughter Ivanka, who also serves as his senior advisor, was in Davos, Switzerland.

Unsurprisingly, she wasn't too keen to talk about the trial while she rubs shoulders with the richest people in the world, even when she was asked to comment on it by CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

In a clip released by the aforementioned network, Ivanka is seen walking down a set of stairs with Acosta waiting at the bottom ready to ask for her thoughts on the impeachment.

Yet rather than answer him or say 'no comment' Ivanka does a pretty bad job of ignoring Acosta by doing the old 'I'm-pretending-to-look-for-someone' routine before walking straight past him.

As you can imagine some Trump supporters thought Ivanka's shunning of Acosta was 'iconic' or something like that, with some even claiming that he 'cat called' her and that he had a 'temper tantrum.'

Others, who aren't fans of the Trump family said that Ivanka played dumb but most people were just confused as to why she was even in Davos in the first place.


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