A video of Donald Trump dodging easy questions about his 'favourite book' the Bible in 2015, has resurfaced to make us all laugh.

In an interview on Bloomberg news before the 2016 Presidential election, then-nominee Trump is asked to quote his favourite passage from the Bible by one of the two interviewers.

Trump swiftly replies that he doesn't want to 'get into specifics' because the bible is 'very personal.'

In an attempt to get something out of him, they ask 'Are you an old testament guy or a new testament guy?' To which he replied 'Probably equal.'

The clip was shared by a Twitter user called 'The Caring Atheist' and has since gone viral.

It's getting increasingly difficult to differentiate between Trump and Alan Partridge quotes as time goes on, but this is up there with the most absurd.

He also jokes about and manages to plug his own book; 'They hold up The Art Of The Deal and I say 'My second favourite book of all time.'

Earlier this year Trump expressed his support for religious education being brought back in American schools:

And back in 2013, he quoted Reverend Billy Graham, showing seemingly good intentions:

We're not sure if he's been sticking to his 'No complaining' policy since taking office though.

HT The Poke

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