Donald Trump's opinions on the EU are well documented. To put it bluntly, he isn't a fan and is fully in favour of Brexit.

Now the president is actually claiming that the European Union, which was formed in 1958, was actually created so they could treat the United States badly.

While speaking to governors at the White House on Monday, Trump said:

The European Union was really formed so that they could treat us badly.

So they've done their job. That was one of the primary reasons. They treat us badly there. 

You hardly need us to tell you that Trump's statement is a complete fabrication of the truth as the EU was formed after World War II so that nations wouldn't treat each other badly.

Although Trump hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with the European Union but to say that that is was solely created to make life difficult for the US is a bit of stretch.

Trump wasn't done there and then proceeded to lay into NATO, who he claimed was "going down like a rocket ship" which seems like an odd phrase to use.

They treat us badly frankly on NATO. As you know I've gotten $130 billion dollars more, they will pay.

As you know, NATO is going down like a rocket ship. Our past leaders would go over and make a speech. 

I went over and made a speech and said 'you gotta pay more' because the United States was paying for everything. 

The United States was virtually paying close to 100 per cent and I let them know that they had no choice. 

If Trump wasn't already saying enough stuff that was very contentious he then began to talk about the coronavirus which he thinks will go away in April when the weather starts to get warmer, which we're pretty sure isn't how a deadly disease works.

This isn't the first time that Trump has said that the virus will be affected by heat but he seems to have gotten confused with the SARS virus which died out in the summer of 2003.

However, Michael Osterholm, the director of the Centre for Infectious Disease and Policy at the University of Minnesota told Fortune that this might not have fully been the case with that particular epidemic.

A lot of people assume that because the SARS epidemic ended in the summer. We have no idea if that was a coincidence of not. That just may have happened to be the time we controlled it.

He also added that the MERS disease continued in 110 degrees in the 'Arabian Penisula.'

Needless to say, people were not impressed by either of these eye-brow raising statements from the president.

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