This man tried so hard to fly a Trump flag that he ended up being tweeted by the president

Donald Trump’s fanbase is almost as devoted as One Direction’s were.

When the MAGA crowd are about, you’ll know it. Say what you like about them, but they definitely know how to make a scene.

They also love merchandise: hats, flags (often racist ones that are symbolic of the slave trade), T-shirts, bumper stickers and now… boats?

Yes, one Florida man (where else would it be?) has now decided to honour Trump in the most tacky respectful way he knows: by emblazoning his name in giant letters on the side of his boat.

According to Fox News, Carlos Gavidia, who lives in Jupiter, Palm Beach Country, originally erected a Trump flag on his dock.

But neighbours weren’t pleased to see the flag and complained to the management community Gavidia lives in.

Admirals asked Gavidia to take the flag down – which he did, unwillingly.

Gavidia then decided to show his support in a more ostentatious way, by sending his boat to be “wrapped” in a design showing Trump’s name surrounded by the American flags.


In the video posted to Twitter, Gavidia appears to be bringing his boat home following the re-design.

US national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner” is blaring from his boat’s speakers and someone says loudly that Gavidia is “just sticking his middle finger up”.

Gavidia’s boat was also spotted taking part in a Florida pro-Trump boat parade that took place on Sunday, with hundreds of Trump supporting boaters travelling towards Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Hours before, Trump had singled out Gavidia for special attention, retweeting a video of his vessel taken in April and adding:

Very cool. Please thank him!

Trump’s son, Eric had previously retweeted the video in April, with an excited Gavidia replying Omg this is me!!!#MAGA”.

Given boat wrapping costs upwards of $2,400, that’s a hell of a way to sink your dollars.

Oh well honey! It’s his money to burn.

Is one tweet from the president worth all that effort? Apparently so.

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