Photo of woman furiously flipping off Trump's car on election day goes viral

Louis Staples
Tuesday 03 November 2020 23:15

Donald Trump is a polarising president.

In fact, he’s probably one of the most divisive and controversial people in the world. Some of his fans would, in his own words, still support him if he “shot somebody”. And others view him as one of the most despicable people to hold public office.

As Trump made his way back to the White House on election day, it seems he might have encountered someone who falls into the latter category.

An unnamed woman from Arlington, Virginia, has gone viral after “flipping the bird” at Trump as his car drove to the White House.

After photojournalist Jay Wescott posted the photo on Twitter, the woman became an internet hero with Trump critics.

If the image seems a little familiar, a photo of another woman giving Trump the finger in 2017 also went viral. She eventually ran for office and was elected, so maybe the same will happen this time too?