Trump gave Laura Ingraham of Fox News a one-on-one interview recently – and bizarrely said he “wants football back by the way” in the middle of another sentence.

Trump’s frequent non-sequiters and random remarks have become a feature of his presidency. But he seemed to be talking directly to viewers at home and saying that he “wants football” – presumably, referring to the college football season in the US which has been plagued with difficulties after players tested positive.

Trump has been pushing for college football to come back in the fall, saying that the athletes are “young, strong people,” who won’t have issues with Covid-19. This is false – many athletes and otherwise healthy young people have developed health issues after contracting the disease.

Trump has even tweeted about his desire to have football back – saying that the Democrats don’t want football back “for political reasons”, but are trying to blame him.

CNN suggested that Trump may have another reason for wanting the football to come back – he’s referring to the Big Ten in his tweets and has done so at other rallies. The big 10 houses college football powerhouses such as Michigan and Wisconsin, both of which are states that Trump needs to win if he wants to keep the presidency. According to a poll, 63 per cent of Trump supporters surveyed believe that college football should be returning.

However, Trump’s approval rating in both of those states dipped significantly because of his handling of the pandemic – and he knows that getting votes relies on getting people to think that normal life has returned in some way.

The rest of the interview is just as strange too – Trump brushes off criticisms of his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic, so much so that Laura Ingraham (who is a Trump supporter and has been for years) corrects him about the death toll. He also claimed that more people died from the lockdown than from the Covid pandemic.

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