Trump ridiculed over Fox News interview bragging about his ‘lovefest’ rally and polling numbers

Trump ridiculed over Fox News interview bragging about his ‘lovefest’ rally and polling numbers

Despite no longer being president, Donald Trump is still finding ways to spread disinformation and boast about his political performance.

The latest instalment came as he called into Fox News where the discussion turned to the events of 6 January and the riot on Capitol Hill that his supporters ensued. Fox News host Steve Hilton put it to Trump that he enjoyed what he was seeing as events unfolded because it was his supporters fighting for him.

Trump replied claiming that was “incorrect reporting” because he was not watching TV at the time, and only switched it on when he heard about it later. In typical Trump form, he then went on to boast about the “massive” rally that preceded the insurrection.

He said: “The press doesn’t like to talk about [it] but the real number was much, much bigger in terms of the people that were at the location. It went all the way back practically to the Washington Monument. It was tremendous numbers of people.”

The twice-impeached president claimed that the rally was a “lovefest” and “a beautiful thing”. So, when Trump told Hilton he’d requested for 10,000 national guardsmen to be there, many were left wondering why, if it was so harmonious, he’d done that.

He then tried to blame Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for the lack of security to defend the Capitol from his supporters.

Unfortunately, his rant did not end there as he then tried to compare the insurrection by his supporters on Capitol Hill to Black Lives Matter protests that took place last summer as people protested police brutality and racial injustice. Once again claiming these protests were done by the so-called ‘antifa’, he called it “very interesting” that “nobody seems to be bothered by that”.

He then proceeded to make bold claims about his poll numbers. “My poll numbers are high. You know, I think they’re the highest they’ve ever been. It’s very interesting,” he told the host.

It’s fair to say Twitter users weren’t at all surprised.

And there we were thinking we’d seen the back of him.

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