The most astonishing and confusing moments from Trump’s wild Fox News interview

Yesterday, Donald Trump had an absolutely shocking meltdown during an interview with Fox News, and it goes without saying that it was very, very, bizarre.

On Wednesday the president called into Fox Business for a chat in order to discuss the economy, but instead, he went off on a serious tangent about Mueller, among other topics.

Speaking to host Maria Bartiromo, he said:

It never ends.

He then added:

we had no obstruction.

With his prelude out of the way, he was able to really launch into his full-blown rant about the Trump administration's wildly unpopular and self-defeating trade war.

Bartiromo noted that the markets were trading higher due to optimism that a meeting between Trump and the Chinese president Xi Jinping at the G20 might lead to a deal.

Speaking to the president, she said:

What would be a victory to you, what do you want the Chinese to do in terms of a trade deal?

In response, Trump released a random collection of words, that don't really make much sense. Hold onto your hats, lads. Here they come:

We had a deal with [China], and it was very close, we were just finishing it, and you know my whole life is deals.

I know when we have them and when we don’t—like with Mexico, we made a deal with Mexico…they know what we have, and if we don’t have intellectual property, theft protections, the opening of China…if we don’t have the opening of China, if we don’t have the things we negotiated, maybe even more than that…and right now, look, we’re getting 25% on $250 billion worth of goods, nobody ever heard of such a thing, it’s massive amount of money.

Don’t play, don’t let anyone tell you that China’s not paying for it, China’s paying for it…and we’re not paying for any of it.

He then continued:

Since tariffs have been on, the market has been going through the roof if you know what I’m talking about…Now you have another $325 billion I haven’t taxed yet. IT’S. RIPE. FOR. TAXING.

For putting tariffs on…. It‘s been an incredible thing. Am I happy now? Absolutely…. When you say, ‘Are we going to make a deal?’

It’s possible we’re going to make a deal, but I’m also very happy where we are now, we’re taking in a fortune…. There’s no way you can beat the tariffs, there‘s no way you can make that money…[the tariffs] help us in ways that nobody even wants to talk about, that I don’t want to talk about them.

Bartimo then wondered whether Trump was working on a trade deal with Europe, to which he responded:

Europe treats us worse than China.

I come from Europe, you come from Europe, you’re of the European nations. European nations were set up in order to take advantage of the United States…. They have [European Central Bank president Mario] Draghi who is—we should have Draghi instead of our Fed person. Draghi, as you know, last week he said lower interest rates and we’re going to stimulate the economy…and with us we have a Fed that keeps raising interest rates.

At another strikingly bizarre juncture, the president also made the assertion that Vietnam is 'almost the single worst abuser of everybody', which, we have to say, is a very strange statement to make.

He also advocated suing 'Google' and 'Facebook' and all of that, which isn't exactly a very sensible idea.

Just for good measure, he also claimed that Twitter censors him, which, we have to say, isn't exactly correct.

Ok, thanks, Mr president! That's really great news. Absolutely great. Yep, keep it up.

HT Vanity Fair

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