Fox News host defends Trump because 'he stays up late at night and watches every show'

With his final hours in the White House quickly speeding by, some USconservatives are still doing all the can to bend over backwards to show their appreciation and support for Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt boldly claimed that no one should be critical of Trump’s work ethic because of his ability to stay up late at night and watch every television show. We presume she is talking about news shows because he should hardly be scoring any points for staying up and bingeing on Netflix.

Earhardt said, without irony: “They’ll criticise President Trump, but no one can argue he is a worker. He doesn’t drink alcohol, he stays up late at night, he watches every show, he’s working." While a few of those things are commendable, staying up late to watch television is hardly the criteria that we’ve come to expect from the president. Then again this is Trump.

As Bobby Lewis of Media Matters would point out this isn’t the first time that Earhardt has asked the minimum of Trump. In October 2020 she defended Trump against criticism from Barack Obama by stating that holding lots of rallies was also ‘work’ for the president.

It has previously been reported that Trump watches eight hours of television every day, a rate that increased during the coronavirus pandemic where he would reportedly wake up as early as 5am to start watching Fox News

At least he has a bit more of an excuse for watching television now that he is out of the White House.

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