Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma was filled with bizarre moments and rants which didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Perhaps the strangest moment was when he attempted to prove to the small crowd in attendance that his health was in good shape after concerns were raised last week after he was seen struggling to walk down a ramp and drink a glass of water while visiting the West Point military academy.

In a long and ridiculous explanation, Trump claimed that he was tired from endlessly saluting members of the military thus he had to use both of his hands to bring the glass to his lips. Although he is a 74-year-old man, even this seems like a bit of a stretch.

To show that there is nothing wrong with him, Trump drank from a glass of water that he had on stage in the Bok Centre, which sent the crowd into a frenzy before he tossed it aside in some sort of bizarre act of defiance and arrogance.

Quite what was going through Trump's mind will probably remain a mystery until the end of time but even before this moment, people had begun to mock the president with the #Trumpwaterchallenge.

The challenge consists of nothing more than people attempting to drinking a glass of water with one hand and no hiccups along the way. As you can imagine, the results have been hilarious especially comedian and actor Tim Heidecker's effort.

Whether this takes off as the Ice Bucket Challenge did remains to be seen but there is no doubting that this is a pretty hilarious and simple way of mocking the president.

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