There’s always a tweet.

Over the weekend, Trump attended a ceremony at a US military academy in West Point, Florida.

After giving a speech, he walked down a long ramp very cautiously – almost like he was taking baby steps.

People noticed and were quick to ridicule the president for his bizarre walk.

Someone even tried to measure the exact degree that the ramp was inclined at.

For a man who seems to swagger around everywhere else, it seemed to be out of character.

On social media, the debacle was quickly dubbed #Rampgate, because obviously.

Then Trump himself addressed the issue, saying that the ramp was too "long and slippery".

As usual, he seemed to blame part of his response on the fact that he didn’t want the ‘fake news’ to have too much fun with him falling down.

But only six years ago, Trump did exactly the same thing to Obama (as often seems to be the case).

Back in 2014, he tweeted that Obama was hopping and bobbing down the stairs of Air Force One, and that it was very ‘unpresidential’.

To add the cherry on the cake – someone even found footage of Obama going up the same ramp that Trump had struggled to get down.

Turns out it may not have been as slippery or as steep as Trump made it out to be.

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